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November and December 26 thru January 10 (closed on New Years Day) 11 am thru 6 pm (last entrance 5 pm) and is EUR.00 for adults. There is the permanent exhibition Mythos Germania about Hitlers and Albert Speers (Hitlers favorite architect) plans for an urban renewal of Berlin in the Third Reich with a lot of oversized buildings. November 2006 in Weimar. The board was installed by Berliner Unterwelten Berlin Underworlds. Berlin schützte sich vor einem Atomschlag. Both events denner gutschein displaced a lot of families and put several people in peril; guests really appreciate the opportunity to hear their stories and discover what life was like for some of the citizens of Berlin.

Erforscht und dokumentiert seit 1997 unterirdische Bauwerke der Bundeshauptstadt und macht sie, sofern möglich.
Abtauchen in den Berliner Untergrund- das geht mit Führungen des Vereins "Berliner Unterwelten".
Die Berliner Unterwelten Infos zu den Bunkertouren in Berlin (2018).
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The board was installed by Berliner Unterwelten Berlin Underworlds.

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Be sure to check out our list. They are recommended for youths aged 14 and older. Although this tour is available all year long, scheduled dates are subject to change. The fact that they provide tours in English is just a bonus! Berliner Geschichte sowie zu unterirdischen Bauwerken angeboten. Effective Storytelling In addition to the military history tied to the locations featured on these shop omg de gutschein tours, guides will also tell stories about real people who were affected by either wwii or the Cold War. Children under 7 are not admitted; parents discretion is asked for children aged 7. The »Fichtebunker« Time Capsule Tour, originally intended to supply street lanterns, this building was eventually converted into a bunker during wwii to protect mothers and their children. Historical Simulation On some tours, this company provides a simulation of what life was like during wartime.

Tickets cannot be purchased online but on the day of the tour at the ticket office where the tours start. Several reviewers feel that this is a wonderful opportunity to see some of the most significant buildings in Berlin. And please, wear sturdy footwear (no sandals, no flip-flops) and take a sweater even in summer, the underworld is very chilly. As the tours are not in a museum, but in the real underworld, toilets are not provided.

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