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you buy Photomatix today and use coupon code HDRpromo15 on the. Besides it excellent merge function now you have plenty of options on processing and tone-mapping. Photomatix Pro 5 Detail Enhancer, to me this is the reason I jumped ship on Photomatix. There is again a bit of some aberration in the moon which, again, can be whats not to like? Some changes to the batching process so that you can now add presets at this stage. Its smooth and natural. . If youve got a Core 2 Duo processor or above, youll be flying along, and this is really important when youre trying to process a lot of shots at a time.

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photomatix coupon code

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Nothing else to see here, move along. While I dont think that Photomatix is quite up to the standards set by Niks HDR Efex Pro in this regard, its still a notable improvement from its last version. There is good detail in the mountain without getting scary detail. HDR Photo Created in Photomatix. The speed is most notably different when youre used to using HDR Pro in Photoshop CS5, and its quite a bit faster than HDR Efex as well. The next time I tried something different and tried using the noise reduction on the source files instead, dropping the list down for underexposed images. The Ability to use the Fusion method on a single image. While in the past Photomatix may not have been the best choice for people doing say, real estate photography, this new mode seems to really make it a more viable option. With the 24mm I wouldnt get much detail in the moon but also because I was shooting towards a mountain, the moon was fairly high and bright in the sky already and not at optimum Moon conditions (just above the horizon). If you dont have Photomatix, the full pro version is 99 and there are other versions available as well as full function trials. I've even found myself having to occasionally switch from HDR Efex Pro (I use this for darker, grittier images at times) to use Photomatix because the alignment tools are so much better.

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