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How do I get tan army keys? Collect toys, build your own Command Center, recruit toy weiskirchen hotel gutschein heroes of varied types, train toy soldiers, and build your wonderland of toys! How do I get. Answers: 1 What is feat used for and how do I get it? Give your order and head for the battlefield! Answers: 1 How do I get retrieve my reinforcement troops that I sent to help someone?

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Answers: 1 How do you appoint top commander after core Base is won? Answers: 0, how do I leave a corp? Answers: 1 Ive only got one officer so Im unable to complete anymore special operat. The beauty of this game is you can turn your back against them anytime and of course, they can do the same. Answers: 1 I have several speed ups in items (103 3 min. Answers: 0 What is the purpose of a Sand Table permit? Answers: 1 How to promote your hero to the next star?

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